Home Tutor 

 Benefits of getting home tutor from us - 

- Verified faculty . 
- Female students will be preferred for female faculty . 
- No need to go somewhere else to study , save your travel cost  & time.
- Get monthly progress reports 
- You will be getting free study material on www.ambilrn.com (for class 9th and above) on this website.(subject to availability )
- No need to pay cash , pay directly to our  bank account mentioned below only. 
- Theory test every 15 th of the month .
Fill in all your details and we will get back to you ASAP.

(note : no one from our side will ever ask to pay in cash , if someone asks you do report to us ASAP & make payment only  to our bank account mentioned below) more details are provided on the registration page .

We are providing our services in :  

Indore , Sagar , Bhopal , Agra , Delhi .                                              

Benefits for tutor :

- Female teachers will be suggested female students  . (for safety reasons)
- No need to worry about payments , we'll get that done for you on your behalf  , get paid directly to your bank account

- Get paid on monthly basis.
- We will be providing you the students  (subject to availability)
- Shoot an introduction video of about 5 min. describing yourself and the course you will teach , which will be uploaded to our official YouTube channel for students to view and might be used for the promotion by the company.

- More details are available on registration page.

- Download Terms & Conditions (for tutor who will be joining us for recording of video lectures or making notes for the company. )