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Work from home or  anywhere . Work the way you like , earn the way you like

Who can join
* One who wish to work part-time 
* Homemaker / having a wish to work extra 
* Collage going student 
* Who wants to make passive income per month 
* Already working in any sector 
* Anyone with dreams can join literally.

Benefits of joining us
* Add extra passive income 
* Work according to your time 
* Don't have to travel places for work / earning 
* Make deal once and earn throughout the session
* Equal partnership with the company on the deals you make 
* Just make or pick few calls and that's it you are done. 
* We will always have your back 
* No need to handle payments (look at the terms of service for full information), just make the deals, rest is on us 
* Increase the number of contacts for the company/deals and earn more & more with every new deal made. 
* Get the payment directly to your bank account on regular basis without worrying about anything
* Be our partner and become famous in your area/city
* Earning at your convenience 
* Get coupon codes generated in your name, and distribute them as you like, to whom you like, and earn every time your coupon code is used , coupon code can be used as many times as you want . 

* One partnership double benefits , the more you share , the more you earn 

* Advertising will be done by the company, although it is advised to do mouth publicity from your side as much as you can, remember the more deals you make, the more profits you make. 
* No fixed salary that means there are more chances to grow more and get more returns on your hard work 
* No fixed working hours. 
* Work from anywhere like home, office, hostel even while traveling. 
* Enjoy your holidays as it is work from anywhere concept. 

There might be some grammatical errors on this page, we are working on that.

What will you get upon joining
* Coupon code(s) on your name 
* Hoarding/display board to hang outside your workspace (compulsory) 
* Email  (depending upon the workload and decision of the company ) 
* Fixed percentage(s) on every deal you crack until it's on (read terms of joining carefully )
* Extra income on use of your coupon code during purchases made from our website only 

While reading you might have noticed that there are no full stops(.) after each sentence(s)

 You know why?

Because if we work together, all of us, we will never put full stops in our life again

That's our promise, are you ready to make yours?  

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